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The function and function of the stadium LED display and the system function introduction

Date: 2021.10.18View: 895

       Function and function of stadium LED display

      1.Introduce the players' information and the actual situation of the competition. The large and clear live broadcast screen of the game breaks the seat limitation, and the stadium LED display makes it easier to watch the game from a distance.


      2.The broadcast of commercial advertisements adds to the competition scene. The perfect picture quality and sound effects of the LED display in the stadium make the scene more atmosphere and shocking of the competition.


       3.The slow-motion playback on the LED display has become the basis for the referee to make a correct decision, maintaining the fairness and impartiality of the game, and reducing unnecessary conflicts.


       4.The LED display screen is connected to the referee system, timing and scoring system, and the LED display screen can display the game time and score in real time.


      5.Wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, close-up shots, bring a perfect visual feast to the audience.

      Technical advantages of stadium LED display


       1.The stadium LED display adopts an efficient optical fiber transmission system, which effectively reduces the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance on the football field, and ensures the consistency of the screen playback.


       2.The stadium LED display has a dual network cable hot backup function. Two computers control one LED display at the same time. When one computer has a problem, the other computer will automatically take over to ensure the normal operation of the LED display.


       3.The stadium LED display uses a soft mask and a soft material covering the upper part, which can protect the LED lights without causing obvious injuries due to the collision of athletes.


       4.The stadium LED display box adopts a unique tilt angle adjustable design. Our stadium screen can adjust the tilt angle of the box according to different requirements (75°~90°), so that all audiences can see the playback. content.


        5.The stadium LED display has good waterproof effect and has an IP65 protection level, so that the LED display can continue to work for you in rainy weather.


         Sports stadium LED display system function:

       1.Video display function of the stadium LED display screen:


        Realize the conversion of VGA and Video signals, and the superimposition of images and texts can be realized through the subtitle machine.


       2.Video broadcast function:


       Real-time display of video images, real-time live broadcast, broadcast TV and satellite TV; broadcast video programs such as VCRs and DVD players.


       3.The function of playing computer information:


       It can display various graphics, patterns, animations and other computer information; the playback system can input and play different information, and has a fully automatic playback function.


       4.Sports competition information and sports results announcement function:


       The stadium LED display can meet the requirements of various indoor international sports competitions, and the corresponding application software can be used to display the ranking, results, record results, and introduction of competition items according to different competition rules.


        5.Game clock function:


        The stadium LED display screen can be conveniently set for any required time according to different competition events. It can change the ways of increasing, decreasing, running time, clearing, pause, counting up, counting down, etc. It has an automatic end-of-field alarm function.