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FSB series Small Pith LED Display 480x480

FSB series Small Pith LED Display 480x480

The small-pitch LED display has a small footprint, is flexible and convenient to use, simple and quick to maintain, and features high resolution per unit area and is deeply loved by users.

The advantages of small-pitch LEDs are the high-definition display, good contrast, and comprehensive information.

Pixel Pitch:P1.875, P2.5
Module Size:240x240mm

Features:High accuracy, Quick installation, Magnetic suction, Front maintenance


  • FSB series Small Pith LED Display 480x480
  • FSB series Small Pith LED Display 480x480
  • FSB series Small Pith LED Display 480x480


Fine Pitch LED Display to get ultra-high resolution images for indoor applications where image quality matters.

Such as control rooms, broadcasting studios, meeting & training rooms, Building, Troops, Enterprise, etc.


Cabinet advantage

The assemble structure is convenient and easy

The appearance design is elegant and decent

Ultra-light, Ultra-thin

High precision and flatness, it is through CNC machining, the flatness tolerance of 0.03mm

High strength, durability, great heat dissipation



Module advantage

The use of high-quality components and fine processing technology can effectively reduce the rate of dead lights.

The power signal double backup system provides continuous, stable and safe operation of the product 7*24 hours.


Fast and quick Front Maintenance

Integrated plugin connection doubles stability and reduces failure frequency. Modules, power supply, system card can be maintained from the front without rear space.


Seamless splicing, high-definition picture display

The grayscale performance of the display screen is almost perfect at low brightness, and the level and vividness of the display is higher than that of the traditional display screen.

The high image density display unit with micro pixel pitch can be wirelessly spliced and can support 2K, 4K and ultra-high resolution display.