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FRK series Rental LED Display 500x500

FRK series Rental LED Display 500x500

FRK series LED rental screen die-casting aluminum cabinet, thin and light design, easy to disassemble and assemble, higher resolution, clearer picture, providing you with a high-quality viewing experience. Application scope: indoor and outdoor stages, TV studios, concerts, concerts, exhibitions, etc...

Pixel Pitch:P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, P4.81
Module Size:250x250mm

Features:High accuracy, Radian stitching, Quick installation, Magnetic suction, High strength for floor tiles screen

Application:Indoor and Outdoor

  • FRK series Rental LED Display 500x500
  • FRK series Rental LED Display 500x500
  • FRK series Rental LED Display 500x500
  • FRK series Rental LED Display 500x500

Module advantage

  • The module uses an automatic glue filling machine to fill the glue to ensure that the module is filled evenly, smoothly and has good waterproofness.
  • The modules are all three-proof paint to protect the circuit board and related equipment from environmental influences.
  • It has excellent insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics.

Cabinet advantage

The Cabinet is made of aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy customized die-cast aluminum Cabinet, which is not easy to deform, anti-corrosion and fast heat dissipation.

Extend the product's long service life, and the design is light and thin, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

The stainless steel lock buckle connection is stronger, more stable and safer.

High precision and seamless splicing.

Other advantages

Professional aviation plug, beautiful and stable, low loss.

Double backup of power supply can be customized to prevent emergencies.

The aviation power distribution cabinet can be customized, which is convenient and easy to use.

Special air box packaging, safe transportation

Installation advantages

  1. Cabinet of different sizes (500*1000mm and 500*500mm) can be combined together.
  3. Support arc splicing, arc locks can be customized, seamless splicing at multiple angles, hoisting and base mounting.
  5. Independent disassembly of the power supply box, quick installation, magnetic module suction, Front and back quick maintenance

Applicable scene

---Education and publicity:  interactive systems in campus areas, training institutions, etc.
---Public places:  information display in airports, railways, subways, highways and other transportation industries, libraries, museums, shopping malls and other places.
---Commercial presentations:  TV studios, Stage events and commercial exhibitions, hotel lobbies, enterprises and institutions, etc.
---Government departments:  convenient publicity, work guides, open government affairs, etc.