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TMA series LED transparent screen

TMA series LED transparent screen

As an innovative transparent display screen, Fengzhou TMA series adopts ultra-narrow frame design, which reduces the weight of the screen body, and also greatly protects the screen body without affecting the lighting effect of the building space. It has become the current commercial display, stage display, exhibition Display and glass plank road, etc., to achieve the best choice for commercial display.

Point spacing: P1.9, P2.8, P3.9, P5.2, P7.8, P10.4, P15.625
Features: High permeability, easy installation and maintenance, high stability
Scope of application: indoor
  • TMA series LED transparent screen
  • TMA series LED transparent screen
  • TMA series LED transparent screen

Highly Stable

The modular design of the cabinet is easy to assemble, install and maintain.

Modules can be replaced separately, reducing maintenance costs.


Highly Transparent

Extremely narrow border helps transparency up to 85%


Remote and On-site video upload

Using remote upload control through our intelligent management platform allows users to easily control single or multiple displays simultaneously, on assigned time. On-site uploads can be done

Industry leading pixel pitch 1.9mm and 2.8mm

Industry’s first pixel pitch 1.9mm and 2.8mm was developed by Fengzhou. Perfect display of high-definition videos, visible from 1.9mm or 2.8mm away.



The LED transparent screen with hollow strip design is more flexible and approximately 3x lighter than the non-transparent LED display box structure.


The thickness of the light board is 2-3mm, and the minimum width of the power box is 50mm.


The flexible frame supports curved installation, and a more suitable installation angle can be customized according to the location.

④Easy installation

Modular connectivity with lightweight design makes installation much more convenient and reduce labor costs.

⑤Easy to maintaince

The transparent LED screen is more convenient to maintain than the traditional display screen. When the light bar or lamp bead is damaged, only the corresponding light board needs to be replaced, which has high flexibility and low maintenance cost.


Shopping mall, Sightseeing elevator, Bulidings, Stores, Stage, ect.......