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LED transparent screen emerges in the construction of smart cities

Date: 2021.10.18View: 553

          2018 is an important year for my country to fully promote the construction of smart cities. The development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing" continues to deepen. Concepts such as big data, Internet +, and Internet of Things will give new connotations to future smart cities. . At the same time, the construction of the new city image came into being. More and more LED transparent screen display products appeared in every corner of the new city. Commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S shops, showcases and other places with glass are all LED transparent. In the market where LED screens exist, transparent LED screens have emerged in the construction of smart cities.

         Application of led transparent screen in high-end clothing stores


         Problems that still need to be solved in the large-scale market launch of LED transparent screens


         The huge potential of the market, the LED transparent screen market should be showing a hot scene, but we rarely see its "beautiful" figure in the shopping malls. The market has shown that the transparent LED screen has made great development in the past two years, but it is still not warm. The reason is that the LED is transparent. We know that customization is still the characteristic of LED display. Its product cycle is longer and the production cost is also high. And because the LED transparent screen generally needs to be installed in the environment It is often difficult to adapt to and give special creative needs, and its large-scale production is often difficult. In addition, LED transparent screens need to enter the commercial market more widely, the development trend of its high-definition display and product permeability, and how can traditional "dot pitch technology" LED transparent screens make breakthroughs while maintaining the product's permeability? High-definition display of LED display.


           In the process of renewal of the new smart city, take the glass curtain wall as an example. Many buildings now have a special liking for the application of glass walls due to the consideration of light transmission, building materials saving, and environmental protection. LED transparent screens are lightweight and do not require steel Frame structure, simple installation and maintenance, good permeability, etc., it can be described as a hit with glass curtain wall. The application of glass curtain wall not only meets the requirements of the building itself for the use of glass walls, but also because of its fashion, beauty, generosity and modernity. The atmosphere of science and technology adds a special sense of beauty to urban buildings, and because of the good light transmission performance, the transparent LED screen wall will not affect the lighting of the building when it is not working, which shows its architectural practicability, display practicality, and viewing Both sexes greatly meet the many development requirements of the current urban image.


            LED transparent screen leads to a new form of advertising presentation


            Outdoor advertising is a major application market for LED displays. Traditional outdoor advertising mainly includes outdoor billboards, large light boxes, posters, and outdoor LED displays. The advertising format is relatively simple, the content is single, and there are some security issues. With the construction of smart cities, some traditional advertising styles have gradually become out of date with functional applications in some areas. Fashionable and technologically advanced LED transparent screens have rapidly risen in the image of new cities and have become the object of attention of many advertisers.


           In addition, traditional LED advertising screens are generally opaque, and due to the choice of material and product technology, the weight of the general advertising screen is also relatively large, which has a great impact on the lighting of the advertising area, and it also raises the bearing of the bracket. Relatively high requirements, especially the LED display that dominates the field of outdoor large screens, its display area is easily tens of thousands of square meters, the weight of the LED display body is easy to rise, and due to the brightness of the LED display Larger, it is very easy to cause light pollution. The light transmittance and thin texture of the LED transparent screen just avoid these many shortcomings brought by the traditional screen. It can be seen that the LED transparent screen shows a great market application trend in the advertising application of smart cities.