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The Most Complete Installation Of LED Display In History

Date: 2021.09.18View: 642

         Today I will share with you how to make the broken glass bridge effect.

         Recently, in scenic spots with glass plank roads, there has been a project where the glass broke instantly when walking on the plank road, which is very popular and brings a lot of tourist flow to the scenic spot. So how is this glass bridge fragmentation effect made? Fengzhou Technology will tell you the mystery-the special effect screen of broken glass plank road.

         Yes, it is a LED display product developed by our company for the glass plank road project-5d glass plank road special effect screen.

         Glass plank road broken special effect


          Glass plank road shattering special effects-tourists walked on the glass plank road above the cliff with fear, and suddenly the glass plank road under their feet "crashed" at the footing point, and accompanied by the sound of "crack" glass cracking, it is extremely realistic. This is the most popular broken glass nowadays. Fengzhou Technology uses interactive radar touch technology and broken special effects to present a realistic glass breaking effect on the LED screen, which is called the glass plank road special effect screen, which provides the glass plank road special effect screen. One-stop service for production, installation and commissioning.


         The glass plank road special effect screen adopts the hoisting method, which is hoisted under the explosion-proof glass of the glass plank road, so there is no need to worry about safety. The use of front maintenance method, imported lamp beads, longer service life, can avoid excessive impact on the LED display due to the humid environment of the scenic spot.


         The glass plank road special effect screen uses the produced scenery video as the playback video of the LED display, and then adds the touch sensing system of the interactive radar to display the glass breaking effect based on the video material of the LED display. Fengzhou Technology's glass plank road special effects screen currently has more than 50 special effects for users to choose from, which can attract more tourists to visit. For example, interactive special effects include: fragmentation effect, flowers blooming in the earth, swimming fish, lotus, dynamic petals, playing football, piano music, deep sea sharks and so on. The glass plank road special effects screen is made of the most high-definition P4 interactive floor tile screen on the market, with higher definition and high brightness. The display effect of the glass plank road special effects screen can still be perfectly presented when the sun is direct.


       Fengzhou Technology has had successful glass plank road special effects screen projects in scenic spots across the country, and many scenic spots are popular through the promotion of platforms such as Douyin video, which brings a lot of visitor traffic. Fengzhou Technology LED display manufacturers provide glass The plank road special effects screen production, installation and debugging one-stop service, welcome everyone to come to consult.