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LED floor tile screen is born for stage performance, but its application field should be wider

Date: 2021.09.18View: 641

          At the beginning of the design of the LED floor tile screen, the LED floor tile screen was mainly used in stage performance venues, but with the continuous progress of the LED display itself and the surrounding supporting technology, its application areas have also had more reveries.


           Unlike traditional floor tiles that can only play fixed videos according to a predetermined program to cater to the performances of performers, LED interactive floor tiles can follow the human body’s activities to present real-time picture effects based on the principle of human body induction, so that actors can walk by and appear under their feet. Water ripples, blooming flowers and other effects create more beautiful light and shadow effects for performances, weddings and other events.

        1.Teaching led interactive floor tile screen


         The LED interactive floor tile screen will be a perfect combination of entertainment and education for schools and training camps. Through fascinating somatosensory games and interactive videos, the LED floor tile screen will provide a unique learning platform. Through specially designed educational content, led floor tiles can effectively improve students' learning enthusiasm and strengthen their sense of collaboration and social skills.


        2.Commercial retail led floor tile screen


        In order to attract customers, many shopping malls have racked their brains in design. Installing led interactive floor tiles in the atrium or sightseeing elevator can make the owner's shopping mall stand out. In addition to attracting attention, the LED interactive floor tile screen in the atrium can also display the promotion information of the mall, and even become a good helper for brand promotion and fashion shows. The led floor tile screen in the elevator will also capture the attention of customers and deliver more business information.


         3.Medical rehabilitation


        Medical institutions abroad have proven that interactive video is very effective in accelerating the patient's walking recovery process. Through a specially designed game, the medical institution allows patients who need to regain their walking ability to walk on the LED floor tile screen, turning the treatment into a game-like experience.


        4.LED floor tiles screens in stadiums


        The world's first LED interactive floor tile screen basketball floor was installed in the "Mamba" court of Shanghai Jiangwan Sports Center. Running on this led floor tile screen is like handwriting on a pressure-sensitive mobile phone screen. The player's running and jumping are input in the form of pressure to the sensor in the stadium's LED floor tile screen, which is the trajectory of the player's movement continuously. The large led screen above the head will simulate the corresponding exercises, display instructive images and challenge the players. Because the pre-set program and interactive sensing device enable the image on the court to be switched among several scenes, this LED floor tile screen can provide every player with a dazzling basketball training experience.


       The stadium LED floor tile screen has unlimited development potential. In the future, it may be possible to obtain more player-related data through inductive interaction, including the player's heartbeat, blood pressure, and pace, to assist players in getting more professional training, and even injury prevention.


        Although the traditional floor tile screen can also achieve similar effects by pre-designing the video, the scene of the performance is often full of uncertainty. It requires a dedicated staff to be responsible for the video playback and adjustment, which not only requires a lot of resources, but also cannot achieve timely And accurate, the led interactive floor tile screen can solve this problem in a targeted manner.